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We are on a mission to collect amazing success stories from people around the world who want to share their experiences in the hopes that they can help someone else who is struggling. Below you will find a few of these stories. If you would like to share your story with This Way please contact us!

still photo taken from the Michael and Mackena video

Michael and Makena

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Mental illness was never anything I knew much about. Despite being around loved ones challenged by it and working in a career field inundated with individuals experiencing mental health matters, I never thought it would impact my household. Sadly, my ignorance and pride blinded me to the realities my adolescent daughters were living with on…
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Chelsea driving a tow truck and talking about her success story

Chelsea’s Way

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Chelsea is a tow truck driver in Southern California. Her internal joy was evident to me as she patiently listened as I foolishly attempted to instruct her on the best way to secure my motorcycle on her tow truck. During the traffic-stricken ride, and after an earful of unsolicited stories, including the plan for This…
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